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How to add all friends to group in a minute!

Hi, everyone as we know that Facebookis best social media, and It providessome cool facilities to hangout with allyour friends at one place referred asFacebook group.Facebook group is a place where youcan share photos, updates, documentsand messages or something else withgroup members. When you want tomake facebook group for your blog,company, industry etc. As yourFacebook group is created, you mayadd your friends in it.But if your friend’s list is very long thenadding your friends one by one is atime-consuming process.We already have seen a trick that howwe can auto invite all friends toFacebook page by a single click .You might be wondering how to add allfriends in facebook group at once.Now, I have a trick for you by which youcan add all friends to Facebook group inone click.Let’s see a complete trick and how itworks. Here, I’m sharing two methodswith you. In first method you will needto do some manual work while insecond method you don’t require muchmore manual work. Both methods worksame. You can any one of them.Requirements:Chrome browser. If youdon’t have, download fromhere .Trick to add all friends tofacebook group by asingle click:First, you will see how to create afacebook group with proper securitypolicy then you will see a trick to addall friends to facebook in a single click.Method 1: Add all friendsto facebook group script:First, click on Create group and write agroup name.Note:Select only one friend inMembers section to initiateall group related processes.Privacy of Group:Facebook takes care of yourgroup members privacy. Soyou have to choose aprivacy option which yourgroup wants.Here some otherinstructions for facebookgroup permissions:Public:Anyone can see the group,its members, and theirposts.Closed:Anyone can find the groupand see who is a memberof it, but only members cansee posts.Secret:Only members can find thegroup and see posts.Now click on create agroup then choose an iconof your group and click onOK.You have created a group.Now, add some descriptionabout your group and clickon add members sectionbox.Copy a given code fromThis linkPress F12 to opendeveloper console thenpaste the code and hitenter.Within a few seconds your all friendswill be added in the group.

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Updated: March 1, 2017 — 6:32 pm

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