How to use google drive and save 15gb store!

Writing e-mails constantly writing timeWith photos and documents are added. E-spreadingMail exchange is rising. ButGoogle found for 15 GBPlace. Daily accumulated e-mail, documentsAnd maybe a lot of room photo(Storage) has been used. RemainingPersistence soon as the last place to read.However, some issues if you know, and a littleIf you use it consciously hazardCan be avoided and valuable e-mail orThe document will not lose.However, due to the end of the scheduled 15 GBOnce you have the will read:* Google Drive can not hold any files* The original image files can not be uploaded* No e-mail is sent to the senderWill be backHere’s good to know, Google Drive, orWhen you create a document using the docksNo additional cost forNo. Just upload the document to DriveSpace will be required. Google photo caseCompressed (compressed), if the pictureIt does not require any space. ThisSettings for the Google phatojeFrom high-quality to be determined.But he put the picture in original sizeSpace will cost.By e-mail inbox and St. mail,Trash and spam text and attachments(Attachment) everything everywhereAre required. In the case of some issuesIf space can be saved:* Most have taken place unnecessaryDelete these e-mail a few days in a row* The same document to multiple e-mailEach of the new casesForward* E-mail when a file is largerSave on your computer eYou can delete mailIf you still need more space, but 30The opportunity to purchase up to terabytes ofstorageGoogle has.

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