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SSC Exam 2018 English 1st Paper Question Solution ( Answershit )

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Love is Life

SSC Examination- 2018
English 1st Paper
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1. Choose the correct answer from the following alternatives:
(a) (iii) job seeking
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(b) (iv) lives
(c) (iii) satisfied
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(d) (iv) He shows responsibility to his root
(e) (ii) Rajshahi University
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2. Try yourself.
( BDlove24.Com )
3. Read the following text and fill in each gap with a suitable word based on the information on the text.
(a) increased
(b) growth
(c) extinction
( BDlove24.Com )
(d) depending
(e) reduction/minimization
4. Complete the table below with information from the above passage.
(i) in January 1897
(ii) was born
( BDlove24.Com )
(iii) after completing his graduation
(iv) A group of French Industrialists
(v) Paris
( BDlove24.Com )
5. Try yourself.
( BDlove24.Com )
6. Match the parts of sentences in column A, B and C to write five complete sentences.
(a) Substances called acids have a sharp taste known as acidity.
(b) Ordinary rain water is slightly acidic.
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(c) But ran can be very acidic in severely polluted areas.
(d) There is a link between acid rain and damage to human health.
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(e) Many world famous buildings are at risk due to acid rain.
( BDlove24.Com )
7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to make the whole story.
f + c + g + a + d + h + b + e

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